Home Sellers Dream Program

Home Sellers Dream Program
First Impressions...  When a potential buyer walks into your home, you want them to visualize themselves in your home, and feel like they have just come home. Whether it is updating carpeting, touching up some paint, pressure washing a dirty driveway or roof, your goal is to grab the attention of any and all buyers. 

Replacing outdated and worn floors will make a great impression and help the home to sell faster and at a better price. 

What you walk on creates value. If you can only afford to make the investment in one significant part of your home, consider updating the flooring.  New flooring can completely transform the look of your space and give it that “WOW” factor that buyers desire.

That’s where our Home Sellers Dream Program comes in.  We at Butler Floor & Carpet can help you replace your home’s flooring before you sell it with no upfront cost.  When your home sells, the proceeds from the sale will cover the floor expense… no draining your bank account and no need to apply for another credit card.

Consider these Facts:

Fact 1: 11% of homes sell faster with new flooring. Mortgage companies now are very reluctant to  approve a contract with repair and update allowances and most buyers don’t have the luxury  of staying at their previous home a few extra weeks while their new flooring is being installed.

Fact 2: New flooring is crucial when selling an empty property, since that is all potential buyers can see.

Fact 3: You want your home to look its very best before you put it on the market.

Fact 4: Butler Floor can help you update your flooring without paying upfront.

Here’s how it works.  Butler Floor will measure your space and give you a quote.  If approved, we will install your new floors.  When your house sells, or after 120 days, whichever comes first, your payment is due.  No strings attached.
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